Australian Snake Awareness Course

Australia is home to over 100 species of venomous snakes.

Every year approximately 3,000 snake bites are recorded in Australia. 

Living and working in Australia it is highly likely that a person will encounter snakes at some point in their day to day activities. 

It is extremely important to be snake aware and have a good understanding of Australian snakes and how to work safely around them.

Through a combination of videos, slides, downloadable resources and audio lessons, Hands on Wildlife’s Snake Awareness Course provides participants with an understanding of the venomous and non-venomous snakes of Australia.

The learning objective for this course is for participants to receive a better than average understanding of the following topics: an introduction to Australian snakes and their identification, snake behaviour, what to do if you see a snake, steps you can take to keep yourself and others safe while working in an area where snakes are likely to occur and what to do in the unlikely event of a bite.

A full curriculum list can be viewed by scrolling past the course introduction video below.

The course is self-paced and can be accessed as many times as required by the participant for 365 days after purchase.
On average it takes 1 hour to complete this course.

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Course curriculum

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  • 1

    Course welcome and introduction

  • 2

    Introduction to Australia's Snakes

    • Introduction to Australia's snakes

    • Common Myths

    • One of the most common and dangerous myths

    • Summary - Introduction to Australia's snakes

  • 3

    Snake Identification

    • IMPORTANT Information about Snake Identification

    • Methods used in Snake Identification

    • Summary - Snake Identification

  • 4

    Snake families of Australia

    • Introduction to the snake families of Australia

    • Pythons

    • Colubrids

    • Elapids

    • Other families

    • Summary - Snake families of Australia

  • 5

    Snakes by region

    • North-east Queensland

    • North-west Queensland

    • South-west Queensland

    • South-east Queensland

    • Top End, Northern Territory

    • Central Northern Territory

    • New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory

    • Tasmania

    • Western Australia

    • South Australia

    • Victoria

  • 6

    Snake behaviour

    • Understanding snake behaviour

    • How snakes sense the world around them

    • How snakes react when they sense a potential threat

    • What to do if you see a snake

    • Summary - Snake behaviour

  • 7

    Working safely around Australian Snakes

    • Worksite snake safety - Snake Safe Work Practices

    • Worksite snake safety - Personal Protective Clothing

    • Recognising possible snake attractants and hazards in the workplace

    • Snake safe lifting procedure

    • Summary - Working safely around Australian snakes

  • 8

    Snake bites

  • 9

    Course wrap-up

    • Australian Snake Awareness - Course completion quiz

    • Course complete and discussion board

    • Student Satisfaction Survey

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This course is available to access as many times as you like for 1 year after purchase (365 days). For groups larger than 10 please contact us for a group pricing package quote. Email: [email protected]

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    Individual Price (365 days access). For group (10+) pricing packages please contact us for a quote.

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Dan Bamblett

Dan has over 20 years of personal and professional experience handling snakes from all over the world. He has worked with a wide variety of animals in zoos within Australia & in the USA. Dan is an owner and operator of the Wildlife demonstration business, Hands on Wildlife in Townsville, QLD, Australia. As a licensed Spotter/Catcher, Dan has experience providing professional wildlife relocation and consultation services to the construction and mining industries. He also holds Damage mitigation permits in Queensland to relocate wildlife in human conflict.
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